Heart Health is Vital

Sat, 08/09/2014


Do you want your pet to be with you for as long as possible?


Animals are Dying

I Have heard so many unexpected passing of animals due to heart disease lately.  Looking back to many of these cases, the animals were trying to give many different signals (symptoms) of how unwell they were but these signals were unnoticed. I hope this article helps some of the pet parents to pick up these signals and manage the disease. 


As we all know heart is vital to one’s life and is no different for our animal.   Heart problems in pets are more prominent now, due to unethical breeding, heavy loads of chemical consumed directly (via food) and indirectly (via environment), predisposed breeds issues (smaller dogs), and in some case, animals are exposed and affected (exposed does not mean affected) by heartworm that leads to heart failure also.   


Heart issues are caused mostly on valves problems and heart losing its muscle tone.  Early heart problem common symptoms for your animals (very similar for both cats and dogs) are:

  • Persistent cough, worst at night.
  • Unable to exercise, tired easily
  • Reduce activity level
  • Body tends to be hotter or cooler than normal
  • Lack of appetite
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Dull coat


Progressive heart problem common symptoms are:

  • Out of breath all the time with rapid breathing
  • Swelling due to water retention (can appear in early heart problem also )
  • Loss of weight (due to lack of appetite)
  • Gum color becomes purple/ blue due to lack of oxygen

If your pets have the above early symptoms and/or pre-disposed to heart issues, we suggest to have them check-out by a vet (but do not load their body with chemical) as early diagnosis is important for managing heart issues.   Finally, to improve and maintain cardiac health, you need to ensure your pets are:

  • Having an appropriate diet (this is KEY!)
  • Having sufficient regular exercise to maintain fitness and maintain ideal weight,  a medium/ large healthy dogs need to walk 8 miles a day
  • Providing your pet with a stress-free environment
  • Ensure your pets have sufficient Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), EFA is important for normal heart function and lacking of it would lead to heart and circulations issues.  It is not easy to choose the correct EFA, try our CoatPlus, it is easy to manage and not easily oxidized as CoatPlus is in capsule, also it has added vitamin E helps to balance the vitamin E used with EFA consumption.  If you want to learn more on how to choose the correct EFA, please read our other articles
  • Avoid salt
  • Use non fluoridated water (Hong Kong tape water is fluoridated)
  • Ensure your dog has good dental health (bacteria from dirty mouths have been linked to heart valve infections in dogs). use Yummy Gum to help you manage dental health
  • If heart problem is detected, add our supplement Hawthorn & DandelionThe two herbs work together really well for heart.  Hawthorn berry is a great tonic herb for improving cardiac function through improving flow to the heart, strengthen vessels, and improve circulation.   Dandelion is another great herb, it is diuretic which enables detoxifying the body and helps to regulate water retention.  The herbs does not show effect overnight but they gently improves cardiac function without adding stress to the body


Your animal’s heart is very important, take action today!

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