Is Bacteria in Raw Food a Problem?

Tue, 03/31/2015


Using common sense to address the “bacteria” issue


In Defence of Raw

I am an advocate of raw diet for pets (Cats and Dogs) and the younger you start the better.   With more researches, my recommendation might be a bit different but overall, a raw diet is the best for your dogs.  Many people got turn off from raw feeding because their friends, family and/or vets told them that raw diet is full of bacteria and can get pets sick.  I will not go into how our pets’ digestive systems (teeth, stomach, intestine, enzyme, organs) work, I am just going to use everyday examples to address your concern of bacteria and to shows you it will not harm healthy pets. Let’s examine the followings and ask yourself a few questions:

1) When you go out with your pets, does your pet ever lick the ground? 

2) To socialize, does your pet ever get his nose very close to anther's pet behind? 

3) Have your pets ever lick your feet?  Your feet is probably one of the most bacteria filled place in your body

4) Have you pets ever destroy your shoes?  Where have those shoes been? Public bathroom?

5) Some dogs even eat poo (not recommended and something is bothering your pet's digestion).

6) Many cat would hunt and eat mouse, is that cleaner than raw diet?


The Difference Between People & Pets

If we, people, did the same thing, we would probably get very sick but not our pets so why again do you think they cannot handle the bacteria in raw food.  So some of you might ask why my dog had run when transition to raw, and I have a few explanations without knowing your specific situations:

1) Your pets have been on processed foods for a long time and their digestive enzyme has been depleted and resulted in this particular digestive issues.  Supplements of Enzyme and Probiotics will help resolve this.

2) Too many different protein in the beginning, if you have just transition your pets to raw, it will take a little while for the body to adjust and it is best to feed single protein enzyme and probiotics in the body (or supplement) to work, it is best to feed such as chicken.



Feeding is not complicated but it will be new and there is much information you need to learn before you start.  There are tons of raw feeding support groups on facebook, join these groups and start doing your own research.

If you are still not sure, try a commercial raw or freeze dried dog food first; see our Natural Healthy Meals section to see what we have selected for you. 



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