More than skin deep

Mon, 05/04/2015


You might be surprised by the range of ailments that show up in the skin, but don't start there



Skin problems should not be taken lightly.  It is important to sort out the causes and put your pet's health back to balance.  Treating these issues with shampoo or creams is only temporary and it is necessary to find out the root cause and work from there. Potential root causes of these skin problems:

Itch: could be allergic reaction to bite, food or immunity issues. 

Dandruff and Excessive Shedding: Shedding dead cell is normal but excessive shedding of dead cell is abnormal and indicate the body is not balanced.
Oily Coat and Greasy Tail: A little oil is perfect but too much could mean your pet has waste elimination issues, indicating possible problems with the kidneys or the liver.


Toxin Accumulation - Toxin can accumulated in your pet’s body from poor diet or from the general environment. It could be from your cleaners.
Vaccinations - Vaccination can lead to immune suppression and lead to serious  (skin) allergy.
Hidden diseases -Diseases that was never cured but was suppressed with medications.
Behaviour Issue - Your dog could be bored, spend more time with your pets
To resolve skin issues, you need a total health plan to help your pet feels better overall.  A lot of the time, this can be done by starting with detoxification and improve diet.  Remember, you are what you eat, same for your pet.


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