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Flower Essences - Cris Ease (1oz)

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Flower Essences - Cris Ease (1oz) Never leave the the house without it.  Animals are always getting themselves hurt and feeling the stresses of being asked to do things that are not natural to them.  This is the emergency blend to ease the traumas and stresses of their experiences, past or present--emotional or physical.  Whether your animals crash through a fence or get into any sort of accident, the scars can be difficult for them to get past. 

Turn to CrisEase whenever there is a shocking situation that overfaces your animal leaving them traumatized, shaky and off-balance.  CrisEase can resolve the crisis and bring a greater sense of peacefulness to your animal.  CrisEase before, during or after stresses and trauma reduces the overall impact of the event.  Keep a bottlle of CrisEase in your cabinet, your car or tack trunk to always be prepared for anything that might confront your animals. Remember, ease the next crisis with CrisEase and never look back!

Price HK$ 169.00
  • Distilled water, proprietary blend of infusions of Arnica mollis, Prunus cerasifera, Clematis vitalba, Impatiens gladulifera, Helianthemum canadense, Ornithegalum umbellatum, and distilled vinegar.

  • 1) 搖勻, 2) 每天使用1至3次, 3) 使用預期發生前1小時 >>>直接加到嘴裏: 低於20磅:每次4至8滴 (包括貓). 20 -60 磅:每次6至10滴. 60磅以上:每次8至12滴. >>>直接加到食水: 以上劑量的兩倍加到每日的水 >>>牙肉上: 滴到手指上然後擦上你的動物的牙肉上.

  • 花精每次可遺持4至6個鍾. 如果需要的話可以用頻密一些.