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Freeze Dried Chicken and Chicken Liver (90g)

Freeze Dried Chicken and Chicken Liver treats are not just all natural, they are actually good organ treats that are vital to our pets' health, especially for those who does not get to eat organ normally.

Made with Single Ingredients with No preservative, No anitibotics, and No hormone
Each 90g bag is the equivalent of 415g (just under 1lb) of raw meat before moisture is removed.   These treats are a hit with dogs, cats & ferrets!
Chicken liver is a good source of Vitamin A and B12, Riboflavin, Iron and Selenium!



Freeze dried does not equal air dried!  
Freeze dried do not use any heat compare to dehydrate process.
Since there is no heat being used, nutrients are better preserved.
Since Freeze Dried do you not use any heat, the enzyme contains in food is not destroyed.
One of the great benefits of freeze drying is it prevents oxidation of its oil. Buy something that is great for your pet today, try our freeze dried natural treats.

Price HK$ 88.00