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Peritan FP (1oz)

Peritan FP (aka FIP) provides antioxidant support and helps maintain normal immunity in all animals. It helps ease symptoms caused by FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) virus.


Peritan FP is a natural blend of herbs designed to provide antioxidant support and help maintain normal DNA and the immune system.  Animals experiencing occasional gastrointestinal upsets, along with immune challenges due to dry or wet environmental conditions can be unpleasant for both pets and owners.

Peritan FP can:

Support proper digestion

Support weight loss and healthy appetite

Help maintain normal nervous system functions

Support liver health


Peritan FP can also be administered for a long term use in animals seeking longevity and total body health, for best results use with Radox & Vibactra Plus.


到期/ Expiry: 02/2019

Price HK$ 220.00
  • Proprietary Blend of Cat’s Claw Bark and Macela Leaf, Filtered Water, Grain Alcohol

    Under 3 lbs 2 0.06 493
    3-10 lbs 5 0.15 197
    11-25 lbs 10 0.3 99
    26-80 lbs 13 0.4 74
    81-150 lbs 15 0.45 66
    151-250 lbs 20 0.6 49

    (For pets over 251 lbs, add 5 drops for every additional 100 lbs of body weight.)

    • Short term use
      • Shake well
      • Use for 10 days , 4 times a days
      • Select proper dosage from the chart include.


    • Long term use: give 3-4 times daily until no longer needed.


    • For infections in birds or reptiles, it is suggested to add 20 drops to their 8oz water. Do NOT dose birds or reptiles directly in their mouths.
    • Do not give in addition to the followings:
      • none



    • For animal with pancreatic or liver dysfunction, it is recommended to add 1 drop of hotwater to every drop, wait for it to cool before feeding.