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Pet's Cough & Cold Formula (Vintesta) (1oz)


Vintesta (Pet's Cough & Cold Formula) is a natural herbal respiratory remedy for acute respiratory health challenges associated with non-specific fever, runny nose, coughing, and acute respiratory congestion. The natural herbs in this formula are known to be immune stimulating, fever reducing, drying and protecting to the lungs. Vintesta (Pet's Cough & Cold Formula) can also be used to strengthen and support the immune system health when a pet has been exposed to other animals with acute respiratory infections.

Vintesta (Pet's Cough & Cold Formula) is designed to help support the normal functions of the respiratory tract.  It may help support normal functions of:

- Respiratory tract
- Bronchial tubes
- Sinuses

Vintesta (Pet's Cough & Cold Formula) also contains certain factors not seen in other respiratory formulas. It works synergistically with the body’s normal detoxification system to purge unwanted contaminants.  For best results keep on hand and use when needed.


Expiry/ 到期: 2021

Price HK$ 210.00
  • Proprietary Blend of (Blueberries Myrrh Gum, Bayberry Root), Flax Seed, Angelica Root, Feverfew, Thyme Leaf, Cornsilk, Alcohol, & Filtered Water.


    Under 3 lbs 2 0.06 493
    3-10 lbs 5 0.15 197
    11-25 lbs 10 0.30 99
    26-80 lbs 13 0.40 74
    81-150 lbs 15 0.45 66
    151-250 lbs 20 0.60 49

    (For pets over 251 lbs, add 5 drops for every additional 100 lbs of body weight.)

    • Short term use
      • Shake well
      • Use for 7-10 days
      • 2-4 times a days
      • Select proper dosage from the chart include.


    • Long term use: give 3-4 times aday for 20 days or until 5 days after symtoms have disappeared.


    • For infections in birds or reptiles, it is suggested to add 20 drops to their 8oz water.  Do NOT dose birds or reptiles directly in their mouths.

    • Do not give in addition to the followings:




    • For animal with pancreatic or liver dysfunction, it is recommended to add 1 drop of hotwater to every drop, wait for it to cool before feeding.