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Therapeutic Saddle Pad (Monaco Blue)

Pre Order only, delivery/ 只限預購,交貨: 2-4 weeks / 週


Therapeutic Saddle Pad contains a built-in, natural spine that sits off the horses back and withers for enhanced mobility. Keeps back muscles supple and relaxed, reducing pain and stiffness, and harmonizing the body’s functions, safely and naturally. 


Therapeutic Saddle Pad's fabric is made up of ceramic nano-particles. Fabric emits far-infrared rays keeping muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments supple and relaxed.  Blanket helps harmonize bodily functions safely and naturally stimulating recovery time, promoting blood circulation, increasing oxygen flow, and ultimately reducing pain and stiffness.  Can be used by itself or underneath a sheet for best results



Circulation & Pain Relief

Increase Oxygen Glow

Decreased inflammation

Water Resistant

Natural Spine (no added pressure to back)


Nodules Provide Aeration

Anti-slip on BOTH Sides

Ideal Length

Quick Clean; Sterilization

Strategic Placement of Billet Securing Straps



Moisture wicking (breathable)

100% Polyester

Machine Washable

Bright, Clean Look

Increased Mobility and Less Soreness

Less Bunching Under Tack

Even Sweating

Less Saddle Movement

Better Fit

Fungus and Bacteria Prevention

Less Pad Movement


Made In USA


Size: 22” Spine length and 19” flap length 


Color: Monaco Blue


Type: All Purpose

Price HK$ 799.00