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Vibactra Plus (1oz)

VIBACTRA PLUS is a natural organic combination of herbs demonstrated to enhance immunity via its known natural herbal antibiotic and antioxidant activities.

Vibactra Plus helps with: Stimulating immunity, Microscopic parasites, Viruses and bacteria, Soothes the digestive system, Free radicals, Protects from illness if exposed, Some respiratory infections, and Support Oral Health.


Made In USA


到期/ Expiry: 03/2020

Price HK$ 245.00
  • Proprietary Blend of Brown Mustard Seed, Olive Leaf, Jatoba, Cloves, and Black Seed, Pau D’arco Bark, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Concord Grape Wine, Filtered Water, Grain Alcohol.

    • Short term use
      • Shake well
      • Use for 10 days , 2-4 times a days
      • Select proper dosage from the chart include.


    • Long term use: give 2 times, give 5 days break every 30 days


    • For infections in birds or reptiles, it is suggested to add 2 drops to their water. Do NOT dose birds or reptiles directly in their mouths.
    • Do not give in addition to the followings:
      • HWF
      • Kocci Free
      • Reptaid
      • Reptaid XL
      • Tossa K
      • UTR
      • Vibactra



    • For animal with pancreatic or liver dysfunction, it is recommended to add 1 drop of hotwater to every drop, wait for it to cool before feeding.