Opti-Marine (1000 CAPSULES)

Opti-Marine (1000 CAPSULES)

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Opti-Marine is a complete Marine Animal Multi-Vitamin

  • Formulated by Veterinary Specialists
  • Backed by clinical research
  • Optimized for the specific needs of marine animals
  • Supplements nutritional ingredients depleted during frozen storage of fish feed
  • Includes the beadlet form of lutein for proven daily ocular support
  • Includes Cyanocobalamin (B12) and Folic acid
  • B complex support including choline and inositol for brain and liver health
  • Bioavailable iodine for dolphins

Note: This supplement does not contain calcium, phosphorus, or vitamin D3. These deficiencies have been reported in strictly indoor piscivore species. We recommend that if your animal is not exposed to natural sunlight daily, then these vitamins and minerals should be tested and supplemented separately depending on blood levels.


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