Avoid Excessive Vaccinating

Modern Medicine Is Not Always So Miraculous

Our Position On Vaccinations Is "Only When Absolutely Necessary"

Our position on vaccinations is that they are necessary, but also dangerous and not something to be administered lightly.  As a pet owner, you should be aware of the fact that it is possible to over-vaccinate your pet.  In keeping with our holistic health beliefs, we believe that pet owners should vaccinate, but as little as possible - and always within the confines of the law. 

The Trouble With Kibble

Avoid Kibble

Why Do We Live So Unnaturally?

We understand why so many pet owners choose to feed their pets pre-processed dog food.  It's convenient.  It's easy.  It's fast.  A lot of people simply do not have the time to prepare fresh food even for themselves much less for their pets, so they turn to pre-packaged food as an alternative. 

Chemical Flea Collars Are POISON

Our Position On Flea Collars Is Simple: "Do Not Use Them!"

Why?  Because of How They Work

Chemical flea collars are, by design, full of poison that either scares off or just plain kills insects.  The chemicals involved are very toxic.  By toxic - we mean for the pet wearing the collar, for you, for your family and for any other pets you may have in the house with them.

Is Your Pet Obese?

Pets Are Made In Our Image

Food is serious stuff.  Since time immemorial, nations have struggled to devise effective and reliable ways to feed their population as the seasonal availability of certain crops and foodstuffs waxed and waned. 

Some Drugs Can Cause Diabetes

Always Administer Steroids Responsibly


Advances in science and new drugs are often a mixed blessing.  They have enabled us to cure many previously deadly diseases.  But when drugs are abused, over-prescribed or administered over long periods of time they can do harm.

Does Your Pet Have An Ear Infection?

Excessive Scratching Might Indicate An Ear Infection


Ear infections can be very painful.  Almost all pets are affected by an ear infection at one time or another during their lifetime.  If your pet is robust enough, they will be able to fight off the infection as their immune system asserts itself. 

But if your pet is unhealthy and has a weak or compromised immune system, they may develop chronic ear infections that they will battle their entire life - until a change occurs.

Exercise is Detox

Exercise Is Always The Right Answer

Pets need more exercise than people!

You need to get moving!  One of the easiest ways to "Detox" your pet is to engage them in regular exercise at the appropriate activity level for their breed and age.  You may also see some benefits too, like improved personal health, an even closer, more play-based relationship and the knowledge that you are a responsible, enlightened pet owner who does everything to make sure their pet is happy...and healthy.